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Frequently Asked Questions

How does steel gutter compare to aluminium gutter?

        Steel is a heavier metal
        Steel has more profiles available
        Steel is available in a wider range of colours
        Aluminium is more expensive
        Aluminium is thicker than steel
        Aluminium does not rust

What are the advantages of continuous gutt
-Less joins means less potential leaks over the years
-Less wastage as continuous guttering is cut to length,
therefore saving money
-Quicker installation time
-Neat appearance

Can I put a ladder against an aluminium gutter without bending it?
Yes, you can. The gutter is manufactured from tough and high grade aluminium and internal brackets are placed every 600mm to give greater strength and support

Do you use qualified plumbers?
Most definitely, all our fitters are qualified specialists

Do I need to be home when you fit the gutter?
No, you don't need to be home when we install your new gutter,
as long as we have access around your property

How long will installation of my gutters take?
Generally, installation can be completed in one day

Do you fit guttering to double storey homes?
Yes we do, and in doing so Guttercraft complies
with all OH & S requirements

Will you take away my old guttering?
Yes, your original guttering will be recycled
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